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learn piano chords

Piano Improvisation Explained.

Piano Lockdown

With so many of us stuck at home under self isolation, quarantine and lockdown, now could be the perfect time to keep your mind active and learn how to play the piano. Set your goal to learn piano improvisation in the next few months with our step by step course, and by the time we all come out the other side, you'll be ready to play in that band you've always wanted to join! Stay safe, stay at home, and I wish you and your families all the best in this challenging time.

Take your piano improvisation to the next level

You'll learn that contemporary piano improvisation isn't just making stuff up, but there are simple rules and guidelines that will put the 'understanding' behind what you play. Within a few lessons, you'll have the essential improvisation tools and confidence to play from a chord chart or the lead sheet of popular songs. Best of all, it's not that hard!

The most common feedback from the thousands of improvisation learners who have used this course is that they're amazed at how easy the concepts were and they had learned more through this course than from years of private piano lessons. These lessons are only $65 and covers what I would normally teach a student in a full year. Best of all, once you download the videos and worksheets, they're yours to keep forever! So for the cost of 1 or 2 piano lessons with your teacher, you could have over 7 hours of piano improvisation video lessons, worksheets, and detailed examples that you can watch over and over any time you want. It's a small investment to see some big improvements in your playing!

View the FREE Piano Tutorials

piano improvisation lessons

Watch and Learn

Learn by watching the notes I play. Notation appears on screen to quickly teach you the moves.

play piano chords

Detailed Examples

Printable Worksheets with exercises provide further examples and structure for your piano practice.

online piano lessons

Clear Explanations

Each topic is discussed clearly in simple language, with no heavy theory, making it easy for all.

learn piano chords

Super Convenient

Watch the lessons on your tablet at your piano. It's a portable teacher who you can rewind!

Over 7 hours of instructional video

PLUS Worksheets with further exercises and examples. Also receive the BONUS 64 page Quaverbox Manual and a FREE half hour Jazz video lesson!

buy piano improvisation course

These are downloadable products only, so you'll receive immediate access upon payment. Once you've got them saved on your computer, they're yours to use forever. No monthly subscriptions, registrations or postage required! It works out to just $5 per piano lesson plus the free piano improvisation manual! Watch the above video for more information, then click the big green round button above if you'd like to buy the course :)

Video Transcription

I've produced these lessons specifically for those who want to improvise over chord charts. Maybe you already know hot to roughly improvise, but you find yourself playing the same things over and over. You'd like some guidelines, some understanding and fresh ideas, and along the way, learn some great chords and how to create solos and fill lines.  And that's what this course is about.

Are these lessons for beginners? Well the lessons do start at a basic level, explaining the simplest of chords, but it does help if you already know how to read notes. We'll then look at how to modify your chords. which rhtyhms to use, what to play in your left hand, through to creating runs and fills.  You'll get over 7 hours of instructional videos, split into 12 lessons and each lesson comes with worksheets that further explain the topic with examples and exercises that help you practice.  

As a bonus, you'll also receive a downloadable version of the Quaverbox Manual and audio tracks.  Over 6000 (now it's 10000) copies have been sold and it's currently being used as a teaching resource in a number of universities.  But that's not all, you'll also get a free half hour jazz lesson video that will introduce some really smooth jazz chords and teach you how to play them in all 12 keys. You get all that for about the same price you would pay for a single, one hour lesson with a live piano teacher.

And here, you're receiving material that I would cover in one year's worth of lessons with my students. Piano improvisation is made easy in this course and you'll enjoy playing with a deeper understanding.  Sure it will take time and practice but start now, and I'll help you take your piano playing to the next level.


Who are these piano lessons for?

piano improvisation lessons

Formerly Classical

These piano improvisation lessons cater for the beginner but are aimed at those who have had a couple of years of classical piano lessons. Perhaps you gave up because Beethoven wasn't your thing and now you'd like to play some modern piano songs. Your note reading skills will definitely come in handy here, and don't worry if you're a bit rusty.

church piano playing

The Church Pianist

Another group of students who will benefit from this series are those wishing to play contemporary worship songs for their church. The techniques you'll learn will apply to both popular radio songs, and to modern church choruses. And all the chord progressions we'll cover - they'll help you confidently improvise during those free-worship sessions.

piano improvisation tips

Need Fresh Ideas

Maybe you can already improvise over a few chords, but you'd like a better understanding and some fresh ideas. Often, new students can play some chool chords but they're stuck using the same inversions or they don't really grasp the definitions of the chords they're playing. By the end of these piano lessons, you'll know what to play and why you play it.

This will give you an idea

Here's a short sample of the piano lesson videos. Each lesson comes with worksheets containing examples and exercises to further help you practice and to reinforce the improvisation ideas covered in the video. Click here to download a sample worksheet.

The lesson videos are in HD at 1280 x 720 resolution, ideal for clearly viewing all the notes being played on your tablet or laptop by your piano. You'll find more information about video formats and downloading in the FAQs.

Your say about the Quaverbox Course

I was very fortunate to find your youtube videos - it's a great job, well done. I’m an upcoming pianist here in Nigeria and i’ve been trying every resource to learn to play piano chords - thank you for your coaching.

Moses Olasunkanmi Ezekiel.   Average Rating: 4.9/5.0 based on 63 reviews.